How a seller saves a buyer some money while navigating a mine field.

Why does a want to deal directly with a For Sale By Owner (FSBO)? So they can they can save on commission.  But why would a seller put themselves at risk for someone they don’t even know?

It’s obvious that the buyer AND the seller can’t both save the same money.  The buyer wants the money because they searched out the FSBO’s by themselves and found someone who is offering a below market price because there is no Realtor fee.

The seller thinks they are entitled to it because they spent their time and money to advertise, hold open house and act on their own behalf.  They worked for it too. 

There is a lot of value in all the things that buyers and sellers have to do to save Realtor fees and only one party can keep that money if an agreement successfully closes.

Is there is value to having a Realtor handle the transaction?

The Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reports that 14% of all sales were For-Sale-by-Owners in 2014.  The trend shows that agent-assisted sales rose to 94% in 2017 from 82% in 2004. The number of law suits was 76% higher in the FSBO category. How much did those sellers save?

Sellers surveyed indicated that their most important goal was to sell their home in their time frame. 19% of all FSBO’s surveyed said they accomplished their goal.

When transacting such an important asset as your real estate, you can try to save money while avoiding the slippery slope of the correct process, but remember the buyer searched you out to save money too. Having a Realtor on your side is like an insurance policy for the future that does all the work for you now.

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