Online shopping drives consumer behavior these days, so it’s no wonder that about 97% of all homebuyers start their search on the internet. After all, when we decide to buy a new product, most of us instinctively turn to Amazon, Google, and eBay to at least start our shopping.

The real estate industry has its own versions of these online shopping platforms, of course., Zillow, Trulia, and of course the Multiple Listing Service all make thousands of homes available online for homebuyers to explore. But with so many homes listed in these convenient online platforms, why is that so many people are unable to find the home they’re searching for?

It all comes back to the real estate agent who lists or posts to these websites. If they’re sloppy or inaccurate in their listings, they’ll create a situation where the wrong properties are delivered in searches – or cause them to not show up altogether.

This unfortunate situation typically comes about when…

…an agent doesn’t enter the full name of a neighborhood, like Cinco Ranch North Lake Village. They just enter Cinco Ranch. Doing this will cause the property to not show up in searches for buyers across the internet and more importantly for agents AND buyers who are only searching in Cinco Ranch North Lake Village.

…an agent calls a room something it isn’t. If a buyer is looking for a 5-bedroom home, and the agent, in their mind and by a far stretch of the imagination, advertises a study or a game room as a 5th bedroom, then then the home shows up in a search that doesn’t fit what the buyer is looking for.

…they use horrible photos in the listing. It’s easy to tell when an agent uses a cheap camera or a phone to take photos of a property. The photos are blurry, dark, out of proportion and just plain ugly. Buyers click past these, which is why professional photographs are always more effective.

…they take the lazy approach. When an agent omits a selection from a dropdown menu, such as a study, or a game room, then your house will not show up in a search on any website for someone who is looking for a property with those features.


As a 37-year veteran of real estate marketing, I have to wonder:

If a seller knew an agent was going to underperform and cut corners, would they still have chosen that agent to market something as important as their home?

The fact is, it is easy for a seller to know how an agent will perform for them before they list. If you’ve never heard of an agent before, there is a reason for their obscurity.

I can’t possibly list all of the benefits of hiring us to sell your home, but I do have a sample uploaded at Other agents must be afraid to upload their marketing program, if they have one, because I don’t know of any others who are as open and transparent with their strategies.

When common sense is part of your decision-making process, choose a well-known Realtor who transacts hundreds of properties every year, year after year, without a long-term listing contract and with flexible commissions. Make the smart choice and partner with The Dale Ross Realty Group.


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Dale Ross.

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