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This month’s question was sent in by Crystal. Thank you, Crystal! Enjoy your steak!


Is wood-look tile better than wood flooring for resale value?

Dale Ross


Hi Crystal,

That’s a great question, and the answer depends on what type of wood-like tile we’re considering.

The newest styles of wood-look tile look great, and most consumers are quite fond of this type of flooring. That’s not the case for older wood-look tile, however. Go back five or six years, and you’ll notice that the older wood-like tile can’t compare to what’s available now.

Some current wood-look tile is beautiful and almost difficult to ascertain from real hardwood until you look closely. These styles are also relatively new to the market, and thus, haven’t faced the test of time.

Its’s important to remember that while wood flooring has been popular for a very long time, trends in tile patterns and sizes come and go. Hardwood flooring may see some changes in plank sizes and colors over time, but it rarely falls out of fashion in any form. The same can’t be said of tiles. Tile patterns, sizes, and appearance often change dramatically to the point that even relatively young tile is sometimes no longer desirable.

Here is an example: original wood plank floors dating back to the 1930’s are still widely acceptable and even desired. But think about 12-inch, glossy, white tiles that were popular just 20 years ago. That type of tile is no longer desired.

Again, hardwood flooring has withstood the test of time, while tile flooring continues to change dramatically. Will the modern wood-look tile have staying power? Ask me again in 7 years.

Until next month,

Dale Ross.