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This month’s question was sent in by Walter.
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Q: As you get older and want to downsize and stay in the area, how do you downsize to a home of equal quality and make the economics work?


A: Hi Walter, When people consult with me about downsizing, I ask
questions to determine if it makes sense for them to downsize and what their expectations are so that I can help them achieve their dream. Downsizing will always save you money, however, downsizing can save you much more in
other ways as well. The amount of money you will save depends on your unique situation.


Things to consider, in no particular order, include upkeep. Selling a home with a pool and buying a home with no pool saves time and money. Buying a new(er) home can mean a lot less maintenance and headaches. The newer the home, the less maintenance they usually require. Brand new homes can be maintenance free for many years and are extremely energy efficient, which means lower utility bills.

The new home could cost as much as your old home and the savings may not actually jump right out at you at first, but the total money saved over a few years will be a hefty sum. Let’s get together and talk about how much money downsizing could save you over the next 5 years. 


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