The time of year to protest your property taxes is now! If you’re new to owning property (or you just forgot the specifics) you may not know what that means, so here’s the gist of it: It’s time to officially contest your property taxes -- as you should every year -- whether or not your assessed value increased, decreased, and even if it stayed the same. Why is this so important?

If you do not protest your tax assessment every year, the taxing authority can raise your assessed value by up to 30% in a single year, if you did not protest any of the previous three years and your value did not change. Protesting each year counts as measure against this dramatic future increase, even if your protest is unsuccessful.

You will receive your assessed value on a postcard from the county assessor in April or May. Once you’ve received it, you can file the protest.

You can protest your taxes online, in person or by hiring someone to do it for you. The deadline to file a protest is May 31.

I am happy to provide comparable home sales data and advice to assist you in protesting your property tax assessment. Just visit, complete the simple questionnaire and I will send the information to you. 

Dale Ross, Your Real Estate Expert.