1. Homes around mine dictate what my list price should be

The Truth: Home prices near your home are simply reflections of what your competition hopes to sell their home for. It is important to price your home where a buyer thinks it’s priced right. Contact me today to find out how I do this.


2. Over pricing yields a higher sales price

The Truth: Buyers are savvy when it comes to purchasing a home. When a home is overpriced they know and because buyers tend to choose the path of least resistance they will simply pass on an overpriced home instead of having to fight a seller who is bidding against them to keep the home instead of selling it at market value. I study market data on a daily basis to ensure that I help my clients get the most money for there home. After all, that is what you want isn’t it?


3. If an offer is received too quickly
my home must be priced too low

The Truth: If you’ve priced your home correctly in will sell within 21 days. If a home is priced just under market value, buyers will swarm to the property and you’ll receive multiple offers creating an auction type scenario. This will push the price up to and possibly beyond market value. This is called natural market correction. This is the most effective way to sell your home fast and for top dollar.


4. This home is perfect, it should sell itself

The Truth: Your home may be perfect for you however everyone has their own idea of perfect. How will a buyer find your home? It is important to choose an agent like me who actively markets your home not only to buyers but to other agents as well. This is the minimum of what I do to ensure that your home wont be just another needle in a haystack of needles. Ask me what else I do to put your home in front of as many buyers as possible.


5. The best time to list is in the spring or the beginning of the summer

The Truth: Winter or fall periods might seem somewhat slower from an activity standpoint, however, depending on the real estate market, that reduced number in inventory is likely to help sustain price levels. Simply put, the best time to sell your home is when the time is right for you and your family.