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Tomball, Texas is a rural suburb of Houston, Texas. Located approximately 28 miles northwest of the bustling metropolis of Houston in Harris County, Tomball real estate represents a total area of just over 11.9 square miles and a population of 10,753, but its market area is much larger at almost 300 square miles.

Tomball has a much higher elevation than the surrounding areas. Perhaps it was this heavily forested, rolling landscape that first attracted the recent German and other European immigrants that first settled the area in the early 19th century.

After its initial settlement, Tomball’s history is one of ups and downs and booms and busts. The first boom occurred shortly after the community’s initial settlement. Attorney and politician Thomas Ball – who the town is named after – promoted the town to the railroad as the ideal place to run a new line. He was aided in this by Tomball’s unique topography. Because the town is a much higher than the surrounding area, the railroad company could load railroad cars with more cargo because the remainder of the trip to the Texas Gulf Coast would be downhill. The railroad executives realized this and decided to place a station in the center of town.

The small community grew almost overnight. In the blink of an eye the dusty main street was full of saloons, hotels and shops. As with most booms, a bust followed. Ten years later and the railroad had moved on and so had many of the townspeople. But the bust was followed a quick succession of booms that saw the population continue to grow and the town evolve with the times. There was an oil boom, followed by the GI boom and then the Sun Belt real estate boom.

Today, Tomball has settled into a steady pattern and has passed its boom and bust phase. Residents of Tomball enjoy a quiet, peaceful style of life while still having easy access to the hustle and bustle of Houston.

Given the close proximity of Houston, many people unfamiliar with Tomball assume that many of the 10,000+ residents commute back and forth to Houston for work. While some do, many have found work right in Tomball with one of the many national and international corporations that have chosen the community as their regional base of operations such as Kwik Kopy, HP, Friendswood Development and BJ Services.

Housing options include traditional single-family homes, large custom-built estates and multifamily units. Home prices range for as little as $50,000 to well over a million dollars. Despite the rush of new residents coming to Tomball, TX, residents seem committed to maintaining the quality of life they have come to love so much.


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